2018 Edmonton-Wetaskiwin CPC Annual General Meeting

Edmonton-Weteaskiwin Conservative Party of Canada

2018 AGM Notice


The Annual General Meeting of the Edmonton-Wetaskiwin Conservative Party Association will be held Saturday, May 12, 2018 at 2:00pm. Doors will open at 1:30pm. the meeting will be held at the Wyndham Garden Edmonton Airport located at 8016 Sparrow Drive, Leduc.


Only those Conservatives whose membership expired after February 11, 2018, are eligible to renew at the door. All others must have purchased their membership by April 21, 2018. The main purpose of the meeting is the election of Directors to the Association board. 


The usual identification is required in order to vote. 

1) You must be on the membership list provided by the Party, and

2) You must have 2 pieces of identification: one photo ID showing your name and a second ID showing your current address with in the Electoral District. A recent utility bill is suggested. A list of Voter ID Requirements can be found below:







According to the Constitution, only members in good standing of the Conservative Party of Canada, currently residing in the Edmonton Wetaskiwin Registered Electoral District are allowed to vote at an Annual General Meeting.  To be in good standing a member must:

  1. have their name on the CPC official membership list;
  2. be a Canadian citizen or Canadian landed immigrant (Permanent Resident);
  3. have attained the age of fourteen (14) years on or before the date of the vote;
  4. have paid the Party’s national membership fee;
  5. have been a member for at least 21 days immediately prior to the Annual General Meeting;
  6. or have a valid membership from 90 days prior to AGM and purchase a new membership.


A minimum of two pieces of official identification must be presented to prove identity, name, and current address within the electoral district.  Photo identification is mandatory.




  1. Other identification issued by one of the three levels of government:  federal, provincial, or municipal.
  2. A personal cheque with name and current address.
  3. Assessment Notice or Property Tax Bill for the current or previous taxation year addressed to the member.
  4. Utility bill (current) addressed to the member:*  hydro, water, telephone, cable TV, gas.
  5. Credit card statement, recent or current, addressed to the member.*
  6. Banking record (current) addressed to the member.*
  7. Mid-term report card from the current school year indicating a student’s* home address on school letterhead.

* Official letterhead along with the member name and address is all that is required.  All other personal details not relevant to establishing validity of the identification are not required and may be blacked out (i.e. credit card purchases and amounts).


If a challenge to citizenship or immigrant status occurs, any one the following will be accepted as proof of status. 


The Returning Officer or other official designated by the Returning Officer is the final arbiter in all challenges.


The more valid identification a member can produce the better.

May 12, 2018 1:30 PM
Wyndam Garden Edmonton Airport
8016 Sparrow Dr
Leduc, AB T9E7G3
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